Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#SeoulInLove: 1st Anniversary

"She took the leap and built her wings on the way down."

          It was just a random day in January that Cebu Pacific decided to have a seat sale and coincidentally, we were talking about places we would want to go to. Since Marti has traveled more than I do, we have concluded to go somewhere we both have never been to- Korea. We did not think twice and immediately booked the flight. The night before our flight, we couldn't help ourselves but feel giddy for this much-awaited anniversary vacation. Oh the places we would go! :)

          What I will treasure the most, aside from the trip itself, is the preparation and discussing where to go and what to do. Getting to know my other half even more made me realize how much this one person could do so much in my life. From knowing when to pause and admire the beauty of life to just simply take each step without hesitations and fear. This once in a lifetime experience has definitely made our anniversary more memorable and I must say, this is record-breaking.

          To the one I love the most, happy anniversary and thank you so much. My heart is full and loving you even more. We are so blessed that God is there to hold our hands and to lead us. I love you.

Note: Photographs were taken using Fujifilm X20 and iPhone 5s

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